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What's in a stretch? Stretching Relaxers…

What's in a stretch? Stretching Relaxers…

What is it?

‘Stretching’, as commonly known within the healthy hair community, is when an individual leaves their hair longer than the recommended 6-8weeks time frame before conducting another relaxer service. It seems as though a ‘stretch’ would be classed as anything past 12 weeks, with some hardcore stretchers doing it for 26 weeks and beyond.

Why is it beneficial?

When you stretch your relaxers, you are allowing for more of your unprocessed hair to show through. This makes it a lot more easier to somewhat avoid over lapping, which can cause over processing of the hair. By over processing, I am referring to the hair that is already relaxed. Over processing of the hair is more likely if you are relaxing your own hair as you can not seen if you are re-applying the relaxer to hair that has already been chemically processed.

See it this way, the less times you add a chemical to your hair the healthier your hair is likely to be. This would also apply to other chemical services, such as colouring. I really do notice the difference in hair of a person that stretches their relaxers and a person that doesn’t. I almost wish that I knew about ‘Stretching’ when I was relaxed. Then again, maybe I don’t wish that as I still may be relaxed today lol

Shorty2sweet59 is what I would describe as a hardcore stretcher – Follow her journey here –

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