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8 dos & don’ts to successfully transition to natural hair

8 dos & don’ts to successfully transition to natural hair

Angela Simmons natural hair

4. DO limit the use of heat as when you finally decide to cut off all your relaxed ends, the true texture of your hair may have been slightly altered by the heat processing. That of course is if you plan to wear your hair in its true natural texture. Angela Simmons is a great illustration of a straight natural. She opts for regular presses and wears her tresses sleek and straight. We are some times lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her in between flat irons over on Twitter and oh what a beautiful mane she has.

5. Do keep your hair hydrated externally and internally. Your new natural hair is more than likely going to be a LOT dryer than what you are used to with your relaxed hair. With the exception of a minority of lucky ladies that may not notice a difference in moisture. Up your intake of water as being dehydrated internally can and will often affect the hydration of the hair. Use a water based moisturiser, such as the Elasta QP Mango Butter to impart moisture back in to dry thirsty strands. Keeping hair dampened when styling also reduces breakage, try spraying hair with the Jane Carter Solutions Leave-in conditioner before manipulating.

Jane Carter Solutions revitalizing leave-in conditioner6. DON’T be discouraged… Just as a heads up, you will encounter nay sayers that will think you are absolutely crazy for deciding not to relax your hair anymore. Best way to handle this is to remember why YOU have decided to make this change and stay encouraged. Plus they probably are secretly wish they were as brave as you. Back in 2012, when Viola Davis revealed her natural tresses on the red carpet of the Oscars, not all the feedback she received was positive. There were individuals such as Wendy Williams who just could not understand why she would wear her hair like that and even mocked her for it.

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