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8 dos & don’ts to successfully transition to natural hair

8 dos & don’ts to successfully transition to natural hair

I wrote this article for transitioners, which was featured in OK Nigeria back in 2014. I know it will be useful for some, so wanted to share it on the site. You can Continue to follow my hair journey at

“Happy New Year! A time for setting new goals, taking on new challenges and pushing yourself to be an improvement version of yourself. For some women the new year brings the urge to make a conscious effort to transform their looks. Loosing that extra 15lb that you have been trying to shift for the last 12 months, a wardrobe overhaul or even a new cut and colour. If in 2014 you have secretly or even openly considered ditching the relaxers or perms for a more natural look, why not right now? Whilst you have all that gusto to seize the day and make a change this definitely would be the time to make that transition. To make it that little bit easier we have put together 8 tip to transition from your relaxed tresses to a natural mane.

Transitioning natural hair

1. Do be realistic in your expectations. Now, this transition is not going to be easy. You will be learning how to deal with your hair in an entirely new way. Length will come with time, so it is imported to know that you will need to put in some work to achieve the health and length that you may crave. Do research and experiment to find out what products will help your new growth act how you want it to. Tracee Ellis Ross has some great videos on YouTube where she shares how she discovered how to deal with her hair. Patience really is needed at this stage, but you will get the hang of it.

2. DO Protective style, in style! Wear box braids, Senegalese Twists, up-dos or fierce Wigs and Weaves. Protective styling is going to make dealing with your relaxed ends and new growth at the roots a whole lot easier. The hair is extremely fragile during the transitioning stages due to the nature of the two different textures. You will also experience a lot less breakage by minimising manipulation of the hair when in a protective style. Be creative with whichever protective styles you choose to do. Janelle Monae definitely has the award for protective styling in the bag and she is definitely a great person to draw inspiration from if up-dos are the way you choose to go.

3. DON’T match your new growth to your straight relaxed end, but instead create texture on your ends to blend with your new texture. Do this by using sets such as flexi-rods, Rollers, curlformers or Jumbo straws. Yes, straws from which you drink from, trust me it works. These sets will also give a different curl everytime offering versatility of your look. Although fully natural, Corinne Bailey Rae is very experimental in playing with the size and types of curls that she wears. This gives her the option of creating styles that may vary in length just by creating a tighter or loser curl with a set.

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