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4 Reasons Your Edges are thinning or breaking

4 Reasons Your Edges are thinning or breaking

There is something quite insidious about losing your edges. Chances are, for those that are unfortunate enough to experience thinning edges, you never saw it coming. It slowly creeps up on you. Literally one day you will be styling your currently ‘on fleek’ mane, you’ll turn to the side to make sure every strand is in place and ‘BAMB’ you discover your hair line is pretty much gone. Well, not really, but you get the idea. It always seems like the problem appears out of nowhere when in actuality it’s the little styling habits you have that, over time, is creating the situation. Here are 4 reasons that may be behind your thinning edges

Protective Styling gone wrong – By now, chances are you are well acquainted with the benefits of protective styling in helping retain length. Unfortunately some styles such as braids, when they are too heavy or done too tightly pull on your edges. Weaves and wigs, particularly lace front wigs, when applied or removed incorrectly can result in hair loss. Some naturals like to protect their ends by keeping their hair in buns or ponytails, however these too can be damaging when they are pulled too tightly or even kept in the same position repeatedly.

Not enough Moisture – Whilst it may be true you are moisturising your strands every day, be honest, do you take the time to focus on the roots of your hair? Most of the time we become so fixated on keeping the ends of our hair healthy that we forget to maintain the foundation from which they are growing, the roots. Lack of moisture in the hairline region will ultimately result in the loss of hair from this region due to dryness and weakness. Take care and pay special attention to make sure your edges receive moisture so as to avoid any hair loss from this area.

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