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5 MAJOR reasons your twist outs NEVER turn out right

5 MAJOR reasons your twist outs NEVER turn out right

The twist out along with braid outs, I would describe as primary staple styling techniques for natural hair. It’s one technique that can be done in three ways 1. Basic two strand twist 2. Advanced three strand twist 3. Flat twists, with all resulting in a different final look. However, we have all been there; tentatively creating perfect parts, ready for twisting the evening before an important engagement. The next morning we begin to unravel the twists and shock horror, it looks a HOT MESS. I certainly can empathise with the frustration. Here are somethings I have found to consider that almost always guarantee a bomb twist out.

twistut result on natural hair

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1. Your hair wasn’t allowed to dry completely is one of the most common culprits for your FAILED twist outs. One thing I have simply come to accept is natural hair styles really take planning. Experiment and get to know your hair drying times. Do you need a full 24hr for your mane to dry completely? If yes, it probably isn’t a good idea to twist the night before you will be wearing your twist out. If you have to twist the night before, blot out excess water with a t-shirt to ensure you are working with damp hair instead of wet hair. If you are not opposed to using heat you can sit under a dryer for 15-20 minutes the night before. Then let the hair continue to dry overnight. Starting off with blow dried hair may eliminate this risk completely.

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