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27 and looking for love – Is he behind that screen?

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Ok, don’t laugh, with my 28th Birthday steadily approaching (April 4th, all gifts welcome lol), as well as my parents being on my back about not being married yet, I also am starting to feel that slight bit of anxiousness. I have been thinking about new ways of meeting people and last night, I was thinking about online dating sites and if ‘in 2013 is it socially acceptable in the black community to seek your life partner online’ *blushing*. Now, the only reason I ask is I always got the impression from my peers that internet dating was a bit of a no no, in-fact a taboo or just uncomfortable to discuss. With the domination of our lives by social media, it’s only natural that we would start to meet people and gain opportunities that perhaps would not have been there prior to sites such as and


I joined up to early last year, on the advice of a friend who said that “it’s entertaining”. I had no real intentions of meeting any of these guys in the flesh, but I thought what’s the harm in signing up as I had always been interested in how such interaction would pan out. I am by no mean against meeting people online, because as a teen I did just this *covers face*, “Black Chat” anyone? Who else told porkies about their ALS (Age, Sex, Location). I obviously have more sense now and I am fully aware of the possible dangers of meeting randoms you connect with online. Anyhow, I plucked up the courage and created a username and profile, I found something cheesy to say about my self to entice the guys, without sounding like a call girl. I wrote a Headline, uploaded some pictures and I was well on my way to pulling lol. I kid you not, as soon as I refreshed my page the messages started to roll in. 

Find Love

I was extremely curious to see the black women that were on this site, so instead of searching for men, I searched for black women between the ages of 25 – 35, that were heterosexual, didn’t smoke, lived in London or surrounding areas etc etc . Needless to say I was very surprised at the results. These women were actually attractive! I don’t know why, but I just assumed that no black woman that was actually physically attractive, confident and wasn’t a bum,  would actually want to joint a site such as this.  While flicking through the profiles of all 150 women, yes only 150 black women that fit that criteria, the beauty blogger in me was almost tempted to Private Message some of these women to ask about the hair and make-up that they were rocking lol. I quickly realised, that probably would be inappropriate as this was a dating site and may be mistaken for a pass. It all made sense now, as to why I was getting bombarded messages daily from men, of all ethnicities. I was FRESH! This was obviously all for research purposes *cough* cough* so I searched more. This time I kept everything the same except ethnicity, which I changes to caucasian. That throw up a result on 800+ women a hell of a, lot more than that of black women.

Does this verify my suspicions about online dating not really being an option for the majority of black women? Or is there another internet site that black people are flocking to, to find love? I get the impression that non-blacks are a lot more open to exploring such ways of meeting people and are all game for seeking new ways to meet their significant other. 

27 and still looking for love…

pink line long

What are your thoughts on online dating sites?

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