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How to achieve the ideal protein and moisture balance for longer healthy natural hair growth

How to achieve the ideal protein and moisture balance for longer healthy natural hair growth

If you have determined that you have a lack of protein, there are a few ways to revise your natural hair regime. At home protein treatment come in every price range so you don’t have to break the bank. Protein treatments work to rebuild the structure of the hair strand, attaching protein molecules  to the natural hair follicle. This hardens the outer layer and forms a barrier around the follicle. There are a few different options of treatment to choose from. It all depends on the level of damage you have.

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Protein Pack: This will often come labeled as a protein fortified deep conditioner or keratin conditioner. It can be used on wash days for dry, heat damaged, and chemically processed hair. View how you can decrease the chances of heat damage when using heat tools HERE. It helps strengthen the hair follicle and add moisture. This will repair the hair follicle and prevent and further damage.

Deep Penetrating: Intense protein treatment that hydrates the hair. This treatment is for moderately damaged hair that is weak, brittle, and dry. It is best used every other wash day.

Reconstructive Repair: A reconstructive protein treatment will repair and restore balance to the hair. This is ideal for hair that has suffered from severe heat, chemical, or color damage. It is best used every wash day.

Many people believe that protein treatments add moisture to the hair. Although some proteins are moisturising, protein treatments are primarily to strengthen and repairs the natural hair. Be sure to look on labels for other ways it can appear like soy protein, wheat protein, amino acids, and keratin. When using protein treatments, be careful not to overdose and use as instructed by the manufacturer.  Too much protein can cause the hair to break easily, weaken, and stiffen. So, be careful in it’s use and most importantly, listen to your hair.

You can also overdose the hair on moisturizing products. It will cause the hair to become over hydrated. This occurs when you over use products that contain humectant ingredients such as glycerin, honey and Castor oil. Also avoid deep conditioning too many times a week, unless the hair is very dehydrated. Too much D. C. is counterproductive and will cause frizz and breakage. You should never really D.C. over night as it can cause scalp irritation and over moisturise the hair.

How do you get your moisture and protein fix for you natural hair?

Writer by Jenn Hall published with edits by Wunmi Akinlagun 

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