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Blinded by Glitter: Tragic tale of woman who loses eye after encounter with glitter reminds us DIY makeup is not always a good idea

April 9, 2016 |

Well Tribe, where do I even begin on this one? I held the palm of my hand over my left eye whilst reading this very tragic story. Yes, I really covered one of my eyes and imagine how different … Read More

How to achieve the ideal protein and moisture balance for longer healthy natural hair growth

April 8, 2016 | | One Comment

Our hair is primarily comprised of protein. One of proteins key functions in our body is to strengthen, build, and restore keratin. Keratin is the material that makes up the outer layer of the skin, as well as … Read More

Kerry Washington is not here for unrecognisable photoshopped self on the cover of ADWEEK Magazine… Here’s what she had to say about it

April 6, 2016 | | 2 Comments

Kerry Washington is unrecognisable on the cover of the latest issue of ADWEEK and I had to share it with the Tribe. Let’s not pretend to be strangers to seeing AWFUL photoshop jobs of some of our fav celebs … Read More

Nicki Minaj and former wig designer settle $30 Million lawsuit out and I was reminded to get EVERYTHING in writing!

April 5, 2016 |

This form of post is certainly not typical of the type of content I post to the site, but will become a permanent fixture here. After scoping the report of this story on various entertainment platforms it peaked my … Read More