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5 MAJOR reasons your twist outs NEVER turn out right

5 MAJOR reasons your twist outs NEVER turn out right

2. Using too much product can contribute to the problem with the hair being too wet. Additionally, using too much product can cause the hair to become weighed down. This can results in limp hair or hair that feels sticky and looks caked in product. Unfortunately, due to hair types and needs being different, there is no rules on the amount of product you should use. In this instance it will come down to knowing your hair as well as trial and error.

Twistout closeup

3. In the same vein, not applying enough product can also negatively affect the results of your twist out. If you fail to give your hair enough of the moisture and styling aid it needs then you with find yourself dealing with a severely dry looking twist out. Aim to find a happy medium between the two extremes.

4. Flawed twisting techniques could be making your results even worst. How you go about twisting your hair will determine the quality of your twist out. When creating your twists, try not to carry over hair from one strand to the other. Keep the hair in each strand continuously separated as you overlap them. “Borrowing hair” while twisting will create knots, tangles and ultimately, just FRIZZ. There are of course actually different ways to twist those strands, but I will discuss that in a separate post.

5. Not detangling or Unhealthy ends are just not helping your situation. Make sure each section is thoroughly detangled before setting in twists. Using a Denman like brush is great to smooth out the hair. Well groomed ends are always going to make a style look better, so trim and dust your ends regularly.

Wishing you successful twist outs!

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